Marc Rossi Auto Sales in Philadelphia: We can Finance Your Next Car

With amazing options for people of all credit types, Marc Rossi Auto Sales can get you behind the wheel of a clean, inspected car in usually under an hour.

No Credit Check (Inhouse financing only), Guaranteed credit Approval, 0% Down
National Price Guarantee! Call today and find out more!
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Buick LaCrosse Leather - Philadelphia PA
2014 LaCrosse
Hyundai Sonata GLS - Philadelphia PA
2014 Sonata
Cadillac SRX Luxury Collection - Philadelphia PA
2016 SRX
Hyundai Sonata GLS PZEV - Philadelphia PA
2012 Sonata
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD Laredo - Philadelphia PA
2013 Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD Laredo - Philadelphia PA
2011 Grand Cherokee

3759 Kensington Ave (at Castor)
Philadelphia, PA 19124
CELEBRATING 25 YEARS!!... of business in the Greater Philadelphia area!

In 1994, We opened on the corner of Castor and Kensington Avenues. With a simple business model. Only buy and sell cars that you would be proud to own. We have built success and reputation, simply by sourcing quality inventory. Knowing that customers will likely need help with financing, a second value came into view. Offering financing for people with good credit was easy. But, I knew we could separate ourselves, by genuinely helping people with credit difficulties make decisions on financing, based on quality information. Helping customers re-establish their credit became a very important part of our success. These two core values created an atmosphere that lead to many long term happy customers.

.....Excellent, Hand Picked, Country Cars, Smart Financing Terms, Provide A Quality Warranty.....

Fast Forward 25 years.... and we have never needed to change from our original program, at all. This format has created life long customers, and a growing base of new ones. All based on good business. In doing this we became the biggest volume, longest running Credit Acceptance Dealer in Pennsylvania.

Please stop in and see how easy your next purchase can be

Thank you,

Marc Rossi
No Credit Check ad - More than 10 years!
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No Credit Check ad - More than 10 years!
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