Marc Rossi Auto Sales - Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you get approved. Options for first-time buyers. We take trades! Our cars are inspected for quality and detailed before they go on the lot.

1. Q?... What if I have bad credit? will I be approved?

A...YES!....We have helped 20 years worth of ALL types of credit situations. I can say that we have probably seen it that time. We have no problems helping people re-establish their credit.

2. Q?...This will be my first auto loan, will I be approved?

A... YES, we have finance programs for first time buyers.
3. Q?...Do you Carfax the cars for your customers?

A...Yes, please feel free to hit the Carfax link, next to each vehicle. Notice that the cars are carefully selected!

4. Q?...If I come in with the things you asked, Drivers Lic, Proof of Income, and a Bank Statement, will I be able to drive home the same day?

A...Yes, our financing is very easy, and takes only a few minutes to quote a payment, on the car you pick out...From beginning to end our deals take about 1 Hour.
5. Q?...Do you take trades?

A...Yes, we take trades.
6. Q?...Do you have any cars under $1999?

A...Yes, We do take trades, so occasionally we have cars in that price range.
7. Q?...Do you offer, Buy Here-Pay Here?

A...Yes, that is Our No Credit Check Program.
8. Q?...Can I get a car without a down payment, if I have Bad Credit?

A...No, If you are in a position to re-establish your credit, you will need a down payment. For our customers, wanting to rebuild their credit. Our down payments start at $1,000 Down.
9. Q?...Where do you get your cars?

A...We focus on buying, Central Pa.(Country) New Car Dealer Trades.
We have built, 20 years worth of contacts, and experience buying. We have never changed, that process.
10. Q?...Do you just buy them and put them out for sale?

A...NO!...Pre-inspection, we run a Carfax, to avoid and issue with title, or bad history. For the car, to qualify for our finance company, it must pass both Autocheck, and Carfax! After purchase, our cars are driven in to us, 2 hours. NOT, put on a car carrier. Each driver is asked about the performance. Then Pre-Sale, We send the car out to be gone over for our retail customers. It's a thorough, state inspection type, process. Finally, the car is detailed.